• Professional production team and experience in the coffee field.

• Using the latest technology and unique know-how in the field of roasting.

• Ensure goods are manufactured according to the CERTIFICATE of the CERTIFICATE criteria, preparing for the CERTIFICATE standards.

• We own sustainable coffee growing areas according to UTZ certified standards.

• The closed production process "FROM COFFEE FARM TO COFFEE" is the cleanest and most delicious

• Creativity The space of banana coffee combines a unique and high-class Highland culture in Vietnam

• Roasting at restaurants, EXCELLENT quality, cheapest prices

• Serve traditional coffee, take it and bring it to the perfect place

2. Customers aim to: discerning customers, agents, supermarkets, large and small cafes, Resort, Hotel, Coffeeshop, companies, service industries, food, especially for export markets ...

3. Typical customers: Export market: Japan, Europe, America, Canada. China ... Large corporations and domestic corporations: VNPT, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Agribank, ... Supermarkets: Metro, Big C, Lotte Mart, Coop Mart, Vinatext, Family Mart, Shop & Go, Circle -K ... very many companies, grocery stores, markets, small and medium stores plus millions of other sophisticated coffee customers across Vietnam ...


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